Programs & Incentives

There are many programs and initiatives available to help you save energy and money!

Take Advantage of Power Smart for Business Incentives

Manitoba Hydro offers a variety of Power Smart for Business incentives and financing options to help improve the energy efficiency of your business and reduce your energy costs. Get ahead in the Race and take advantage of these cost-cutting opportunities for your building. Some commonly used Power Smart programs for commercial office spaces include:


Use energy efficient lighting in your business to reduce energy costs, improve the quality of your space, boost productivity, lower maintenance costs, and increase equipment life. Power Smart incentives are available for:
  • LED fixtures, lamps, exit signs and more
  • Converting to high efficiency fluorescent lighting systems
  • Lighting controls and sensors


In most businesses, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning typically account for 40 to 60 per cent of energy costs. A great way to reduce energy consumption and energy costs is to replace old, inefficient equipment with energy efficient technologies. Power Smart incentives are available for:

  • boilers
  • chillers
  • heat/energy recovery ventilators
  • water heaters

C02 Sensors

CO2 sensors take frequent measurements of a room’s air quality and match the supply of ventilation air to the actual occupant needs at any given time. CO2 sensors therefore save energy and money by eliminating over-ventilation when a room is unoccupied while also ensuring proper indoor air quality when a room actually is occupied. Save energy and improve air quality with CO2 sensors.

Parking Lot Controllers

Parking lot controllers vary the amount of electricity going to an outdoor plug that serves a vehicle block heater and interior car warmer. Energy is saved by automatically adjusting the length of time that electricity is provided to the car plugs, depending on outside temperatures. The controllers can reduce electricity costs by as much as 50 per cent while ensuring trouble-free starts for tenants, staff, and guests.

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To request a free walk-through of your business to identify energy saving opportunities and learn more about which Power Smart Programs are a good fit for your building, email Power Smart for Business with your business name, address, contact name and phone number.