Portfolio Manager Resources

What is Portfolio Manager?

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager is an online tool used to measure and track energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. It is used to benchmark the performance of one building or a whole portfolio of buildings in a secure online environment. Portfolio Manager can be used by Natural Resources Canada as the platform for national energy benchmarking programs for existing commercial and institutional buildings.

It is the primary benchmarking tool Manitoba Race to Reduce uses to measure and track the energy performance of participating buildings and to establish Race Award Winners.

How is it used?

When you register to participate in Manitoba Race to Reduce, we will assist you with creating a Portfolio Manager account for your building(s) and/or business(es). At this time, your historical energy savings will be uploaded to your account. This basic energy consumption will then be shared with the Manitoba Race to Reduce Portfolio Manager account.

Each month, your Manitoba Hydro electricity and natural gas bills will be automatically uploaded into Portfolio Manager. You will then be able to easily view your energy consumption, compare it to previous months and benchmark how you are doing compared to similar buildings in Portfolio Manager. We encourage you to share this information with other businesses in your building(s) to better understand your consumption and work together to reduce energy.

Do I need to participate in the Race to use Portfolio Manager?

No! Portfolio Manager can be used to help monitor and track any building’s energy and water consumption. However, joining the race has many benefits including access to multiple energy saving resources and an invitation to our annual awards gala where race successes are highlighted and celebrated.

I already have a Portfolio Manager account. Can I still register for the Race?

Absolutely! Simply fill out a registration form and we can assist you with the rest.

How do I get started?

Join the Race! Simply fill out the Registration Form to join Manitoba Race to Reduce. Within 48 business hours, we will create your Portfolio Manager account. Once your account has been created, a Manitoba Race to Reduce representative will contact you to set up a meeting to add your building(s) and/or business(es) into your portfolio.

More questions?

Contact us for more information on Portfolio Manager.


Learn more by visiting Natural Resources Canada at www.nrcan.gc.ca/ENERGYSTARPortfolioManager
or ENERGY STAR at www.energystar.gov/buildings/training.