Working Groups


The Technical Working Group’s roles are to:
  • Provide technical guidance and resources to staff
  • Identify, vet and make available useful third party tools
  • Recommend award winners and improvements to awards criteria

Current Members

Crystal Bornais Canada Green Building Council
Devin Evenson Manitoba Hydro
Duncan Spiring Harvard Property Management Inc.
Glen Stefanyshen City of Winnipeg
Michael Cann Summerhill Group
Padraic O'Connell MMM Group
Susan Ziemski Artis REIT/BOMA


The Communication Working Group’s roles are to:
  • Determine newsworthy items for quarterly newsletters
  • Provide case study references
  • Assist in designing and reviewing marketing materials and quarterly newsletters

Current Members

Colleen Kuruluk Manitoba Hydro
Dennis Cunningham Assiniboine Credit Union
Donna Kowbel MPI
Lisa Goodridge Harvard Property Management Inc.


The Engagement Working Group’s roles are to:
  • Assist in establishing participant commitment
  • Engage with and maintain participant interest
  • Encourage high performers to provide case study content
  • Assist in program development
  • Promote effective landlord/tenant, landlord/landlord and tenant/tenant forums

Current Members

Curt Hull Climate Change Connection
Dan McInnis  Sustainable Building Manitoba
Lindsay Mierau City of Winnipeg
Roberto Montanino Manitoba Hydro
Sandi Caputo City of Winnipeg
Sonya Berthin McCor Management and Amber Gill - Investors Group


The Awards Working Group’s roles are to:
  • Assist with planning the annual awards ceremonies
  • Identify strategic partners and award opportunities
  • Assist in the award structure design

Current Members

Amber Gill Investors Group
Joel Gagné MPI
Margo Shaw MEIA