Manitoba Race to Reduce Results

The objective of Manitoba Race to Reduce is to reduce participants’ collective energy consumption by 10% over four years.

In just the first nine months of our competition, 31 buildings totalling 7.6 million square feet have registered for Manitoba Race to Reduce and our first set of results are in! Our participants have already saved 1,868,314 kWh of electricity and 19,014 m³ of natural gas – we're well on our way!

Congratulations to our current Race leaders who are well on their way to meeting – or beating – the targeted 10% energy reduction! Contact for a more detailed breakdown of your building’s results and to get further tips and tricks for reducing the energy in your office building.

Results as of October 2017


Note: The quarterly results presented in each newsletter are based on available data in the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager Database for Manitoba Race to Reduce when compared to the 2016 benchmark year. ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is a national energy benchmarking system based on actual Canadian data that provides accurate and equitable energy assessments for the commercial buildings participating in the Race. Portfolio Manager includes features and algorithms to accurately represent participant results, including enhanced Canadian weather normalized data.

Top 5 Leaderboard
Percentage of Total Energy Savings
1. 141 Bannatyne Ave. 7.6%
2. 360 Main St. 7.0%
3. 240 Graham Ave. 5.7%
4. 260 St. Mary Ave. 5.2%
5. 395 Main St. 4.6%
Total Energy (Electricity + Natural Gas) Savings (ekWh)
1. 360 Main St. 1,405,389
2. 60 Osborne St. 590,417
3. 333 St. Mary Ave./234 Donald St. 380,750
4. 1 Lombard Pl. 378,556
5. 447 Portage Ave. 270,778
Percentage of Electricity Savings
1. 141 Bannatyne Ave. 22.3%
2. 161 Portage Ave. 11.2%
3. 333 Main St. 9.4%
4. 360 Main St. 7.0%
5. 195 Fort St. 5.5%
Electricity Savings (kWh)
1. 360 Main St. 856,270
2. 333 Main St. 353,959
3. 333 St. Mary Ave./234 Donald St. 330,378
4. 447 Portage Ave. 200,053
5. 300 Carlton St. 169,250
Percentage of Natural Gas Savings
1. 240 Graham Ave. 18.8%
2. 395 Main St. 7.4%
3. 330 Portage Ave. 7.1%
4. 360 Main St. 7.1%
5. 260 St. Mary Ave. 5.1%
Natural Gas Savings (m³)
1. 360 Main St. 51,441
2. 1 Lombard Pl. 49,934
3. 60 Osborne St. 48,066
4. 240 Graham Ave. 17,195
5. 330 St. Mary Ave. 9,300
GHG Emissions Savings (Metric Tonnes CO2e)
1. 360 Main St. 82
2. 1 Lombard Pl. 77
3. 60 Osborne St. 66
4. 240 Graham Ave. 32
5. 395 Main St. 11

NOTE: The quarterly results presented here are based on available data in the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager Database for Manitoba Race to Reduce. Results may change upon confirmation of additional building information. Follow-up with individual properties is required to present accurate and complete summary results. If you have questions about the results presented in this newsletter, or if you'd like additional information on your building's energy use, please contact

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Portfolio Manager: Managing what you measure

Portfolio Manager

You can’t manage what you don’t measure: An age old management adage that still holds in the rapidly developing discipline of energy and environmental management. In other words, in order to effectively manage your energy consumption, first you have to understand it.

Benchmarking your building’s energy use offers many benefits and is the first step to evaluating how your building is performing.  A 2012 U.S. EPA study (PDF) highlighted that buildings that consistently benchmark energy use reduce their consumption by 2.4% per year over 3 years. However, a number of perceived barriers can sometimes discourage organizations from starting the process, including a limited understanding of benchmarking benefits, the inaccessibility of energy consumption data, and limited time to track consumption.

For these reasons, a growing number of utility benchmarking tools have been designed to make tracking energy consumption and costs easier than ever before. One such tool is ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. This interactive energy management tool was designed by the U.S EPA to be free to use and allows you to track and assess energy and water consumption across your entire portfolio of buildings in a secure online environment. In 2013, NRCan launched the Canadian adaptation of Portfolio Manager to include features to facilitate the Canadian user experience.

Manitoba Race to Reduce makes it easier than ever to benchmark your building’s energy consumption

When you register for Manitoba Race to Reduce, we help with creating a free Portfolio Manager account for your building. Race staff will provide you with your login credentials following your building’s successful registration. In addition, NRCan and Manitoba Hydro have partnered to offer Portfolio Manager Users with an easy and convenient auto-upload feature. This feature enables users to connect with Manitoba Hydro to automatically upload their historical utility bill data into their Portfolio Manager account.

Once your account has been created and your property details have been entered (e.g., building size, type, location, etc.) Portfolio Manager then compares your building’s actual energy use to other buildings in your portfolio and to other comparable buildings across the country. Portfolio Manager even has the ability to negate the effects of weather to fairly analyze buildings against one another, regardless of their climactic location.

Manitoba Race to Reduce uses this data to assess and compare building energy performance, identify billing errors and other anomalies and communicating results in meaningful terms, such as through our newsletter results and our annual awards.

Screen Shot: Portfolio Manager

Participants can go a step above.

Manitoba Race to Reduce uses your building energy use data to decide Race award winners. However, the benefits of Energy Star Portfolio Manager go well beyond the Race. There are a number of resources available to you to help you make the most of your energy savings.

It is recommended that a building representative, such as an energy manager or building operations manager frequently check in on your Portfolio Manager account to view the trends occurring within your building. There are many great features within Portfolio Manager including report generation, goal setting and ENERGY STAR scores. In addition, Portfolio Manager provides free training documents and webinars to get the most out of the software, including “Ask the Expert” webinars, every Wednesday at 11 am. Relevant training sessions and webinars are also posted in the “Upcoming Partner Events” section of this newsletter.

Happy Benchmarking!

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Tips and Tricks

Lurking phantom power is costing you. Beware!

Did you know that electronic devices left plugged in, even when turned off, still consume energy? Even in standby or sleep mode, energy is being drawn. This is known as phantom power and it can drain a significant amount of electricity from office buildings.

The costs and environmental impact associated with phantom energy use can be pretty scary. You can reduce your overall energy consumption by simply unplugging devices when not in use.

Want other ways of reducing phantom power in the office? Consider implementing the following:

  • Use a smart powerbar for devices such as monitors, printers and coffee makers. Smart powerbars automatically detect changes in electricity current, and automate turning your devices on/off.
  • Personal Computers (PCs) account for over 7 percent of electric consumption in commercial organizations and are the fastest growing energy consumers in commercial businesses. 65 percent of energy used by PCs and monitors is wasted when they are left on overnight in the workplace. Unplugging or powering down after working hours are both great options.
  • Laptops and cell phones don’t need to be plugged in all the time. Unplugging your devices when they are charged saves energy and helps the battery life as well!

If your company is in need of upgrading office equipment, make sure to look for the ENERGY STAR® Label. ENERGY STAR products use up to 50% less energy than less efficient models.

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Participant Profile

Logo: Artis REIT360 Main St. & Artis REIT

Nestled in the famous corner of Portage and Main, stands one of Winnipeg's tallest buildings. Owned and managed by Artis REIT, one of Canada's largest diversified commercial real estate investment trusts, 360 MAIN has always been one of the premier business addresses in Winnipeg.

At Artis REIT, environmental responsibility is considered a core value, as well as a sound business proposition. In line with their Sustainability report (2016-PDF) part of their mandate is to invest in, develop and manage buildings in an environmentally prudent and resource efficient manner.

Photo: 360 Main St.

The creation and management of environmental programs and protection policies aimed at mitigating excess waste generation, and promoting energy efficient and environmentally friendly products have also earned them significant recognition including the BOMA Earth Award, BOMA Outstanding Building of the Year Award, and Manitoba’s first LEED GOLD EB (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, Existing Building certification).

360 MAIN has undertaken an array of measures to increase energy efficiency in their building, some of which include:

  • Re-lamping the office tower with new LED lamps in place of fluorescent T8’s. Approximately 15,000 lamps changed from 28 watts to 12 watts.
  • Replacing 50 watt halogen MR16 bulbs with 5–7 watt LED bulbs
  • The near completion of one of the largest curtain wall renewals of an operational tower in Canada. This total curtain wall remediation will minimize solar heat gain and result in an estimated 10–15% energy savings.

Once the Race was launched, 360 MAIN, which has over 50 tenants and thousands of employees, was the first participant to book an information session to introduce the Race to their tenants.

Photo: Artis REIT building

This service is available to all participants in the Race and can be booked by contacting Manitoba Race to Reduce.
Joining Manitoba Race to Reduce was a natural fit for Artis REIT as they continue to look for opportunities to improve the energy performance of their portfolio and ways to engage with their tenants.

Happy Racing, 360 MAIN!

Available Resources

Did you know we’ve designed dozens of free resources to help you successfully compete in Manitoba Race to Reduce?
From presentations to customizable letters to social media templates, we are here to help you achieve your energy reduction goals.

In each newsletter, we will highlight one of the many resources you can use. Remember to check out and your Race Kit for a list of other resources available to you.
Host your very own Information Session with the help of Manitoba Race to Reduce staff!

Every race needs a green flag to get things started! Our staff is available to host a free lunch & learn presentation or lobby event in your building to introduce the Race to your staff and tenants. We are here to help and want you to start off on the right foot!

If you’d like to schedule an information session or event, contact Manitoba Race to Reduce.

  • Lunch and learn presentations last approximately one hour.
  • Lobby events last approximately half a day.
  • Manitoba Race to Reduce staff will bring along displays and marketing materials to engage your staff and tenants.
  • If you have another idea, let us know! We will work with you to schedule an event that suits you and your building occupants needs.

Finally, our tailored message templates make inviting your building occupants simple! Complete then distribute the Information Session invitation letter template to let occupants know about the event.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Learn More

Marketing Materials CatalogueMarketing Materials Catalogue

The Manitoba Race to Reduce Marketing Materials Catalogue is your go-to guide for ordering marketing materials that encourage smart energy use in the work place and spread the word about your building’s participation in Manitoba Race to Reduce.

Many of the materials found in this catalogue are free of charge and can be edited to include your company’s logo. Contact us to place an order for any of the items listed below or download our tailored message templates which can be printed and shared.

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