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Manitoba Race to Reduce is a unique energy reduction challenge that involves collaboration between commercial building landlords and tenants to encourage smart energy use. The objective is to reduce participants’ energy consumption by 10% over four years.

The Race provides a plan of action, a tool kit of technical advice and relevant case study intelligence to encourage participating landlords, tenants and building occupants to work together to increase awareness of their energy use and change work place habits to become more energy efficient. In addition to competing for one of the annual energy reduction awards, your energy reduction has many benefits including an improved environment and cost savings on your energy bill. 

To date, Manitoba Race to Reduce has registered 7 million square feet of commercial office space.


Manitoba Race to Reduce Guiding Principles 

  • Collaboration – Landlords, tenants and building occupants work together to achieve reductions
  • Resources – Use the provided resources to reach your energy reduction goals including the ten-step guide for introducing and implementing energy efficiency programming throughout the workplace.
  • Measurement – ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® allows buildings to measure and track energy and water consumption, as well as GHG emissions  
  • Recognition – Participants are publicly recognized for achievements at an annual awards ceremony

Above all, Manitoba Race to Reduce’s mission is to make a lasting impact within our community. The more organizations that join us on the path to energy efficiency result in additional reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and an improved environment.

Registered and not sure where to start?

Ask yourself: 

  • Do you currently turn off your computer monitor at the end of the day?
  • Could you turn off the air-conditioning and open a window?
  • Could evening cleaning staff move to a day time schedule?

If there is room to improve, check out the many resources Manitoba Race to Reduce provides to help participants reach their energy reduction goals, including:

Not yet Registered? What are you waiting for? Join the 7 million sq. ft. of commercial office space already competing to reduce their energy use! It is FREE to participate and simple to manage with resources and support from experts.

Be sure to utilize Race staff support – we are here to help! Contact us if you would like assistance with getting started or spreading the word within your building.

Please help us spread the word!

Welcome from Manitoba Race to Reduce Co-Chairs

Corporate sustainability is a core value of many companies in Manitoba and we often look for opportunities to demonstrate our commitments to manage our businesses in an environmentally prudent and resource efficient manner.

In 2017, several of Manitoba’s largest commercial building owners and tenants have publicly committed to participate in Manitoba Race to Reduce, a four-year energy efficiency challenge aimed at reducing total energy use in office buildings across the province.

Manitoba Race to Reduce fits with the business community’s goal of carrying out activities in an environmentally responsible way, promoting a healthier environment, enhancing energy conservation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and this initiative provides everyone with resources to achieve these reductions and be better corporate citizens.

Over the next four years, building owners, managers and tenants-alike will be working together to reduce energy consumption in their workplaces. By making small and simple changes to their work habits, businesses across the province will watch as their energy use goes down and their ranking in the Race goes up. There’s nothing quite like a friendly competition among local business owners to help everyone get motivated to do the right thing, and Manitoba Race to Reduce is exactly the kind of inspiration needed to help quell some of the wasteful workplace habits we are all a little guilty of!

Manitoba Race to Reduce is a unique opportunity to increase energy efficiency within Manitoba’s commercial office building sector and we would like congratulate all businesses that have registered and committed to making a positive impact in Manitoba’s environment. Furthermore, we extend our invite to all qualifying office buildings in Manitoba and look forward to a fun and spirited competition.

Thanks and good luck to all participants!

Kelvin Shepherd
President and CEO
Manitoba Hydro
Co-Chair, Manitoba Race to Reduce
Frank Sherlock
Executive V.P. – Property Management
Artis REIT
Co-Chair, Manitoba Race to Reduce
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The Race Is On!

On January 17, 2017, business leaders gathered in The Artis REIT building on the historical corner of Portage and Main to announce their participation in Manitoba Race to Reduce.

The event was a great success!

Race staff would like to extend a big thank you to all who helped make the event a success, including Ersilia Serafini, Frank Sherlock, and Johanna Hurme, for dedicating their time towards speaking at the launch; to Starbucks Coffee and George’s cookies for donating snacks and refreshments; to Shirley Muir, with The PR House, who helped organize the event; and, to Manitoba Hydro for donating the LED light bulbs.

To learn more, check out the media coverage from the event:

Big-building tenants compete to use less energy – Winnipeg Free Press

Businesses looking to reduce energy use by 10% – Winnipeg Sun

Manitoba businesses race to reduce energy use – Metro News (Toronto)

Race to Reduce Kicks Off – CTV News Winnipeg

The race to efficiency – Community News Commons

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Tips and Tricks

Race Tip: Switch your way to victory

Did you know that up to 40% of your offices energy costs result from lighting the space?

By modifying everyday work habits you can significantly reduce your buildings overall energy consumption without spending a dime. Is there an opportunity to be more conscious of how lighting is used in your office? Consider implementing the following:

  • Switch off lights in unoccupied spaces including bathrooms, kitchens, meeting rooms, corridors, stairwells, storage rooms and empty workspaces.
  • Post ‘Turn off the light’ reminders by light switches and doors.
  • Open the blinds and incorporate natural sunlight where possible.
  • Designate an individual on each floor to do a quick walk-through at the end of the day to turn off any lights unnecessarily left on.
  • Work with cleaning staff to ensure lights are turned off when they’ve finished their duties.

If you are in a position to invest in your efficiency, consider upgrading your light bulbs to LED’s. LED lamps use less energy than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, last far longer and drastically reduce replacement and maintenance costs.

If you are considering capital upgrades to your lighting, visit the Manitoba Hydro Commercial Lighting Program webpage to learn more about rebates and incentives you may qualify for.

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Participant Profile

Investors Group

Established in 1926, Investors Group – whose headquarters are located at 447 Portage Avenue in Winnipeg – is home to over 1,200 employees in its 330,000 square foot commercial office space.

Investors Group is a subsidiary of IGM Financial. As such, they hold a strong commitment to advancing environmental sustainability within their business model, as outlined by IGM’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy.

Investors Group’s approach to environmental responsibility includes two overarching goals:

  • Reducing the organization’s environmental footprint
  • Engaging their people to raise awareness and reduce their collective impact on the environment

Their Green Committee was formed as a collaboration between the Corporate Responsibility department, and the Employees in Action committee (a committee that oversees all of Investors Group’s employee-run committees).

The Green Committee provides an opportunity for employees who care deeply about the environment to engage with other like-minded individuals and promote sustainability to the broader workplace.

Manitoba Race to Reduce Launches at Investors Group

On Wednesday, May 17, the Green Committee hosted an Energy Awareness Fair to launch their involvement with Manitoba Race to Reduce. Manitoba Hydro PowerSmart, Climate Change Connection and Manitoba Race to Reduce had interactive booths set up where Investors Group employees got a chance to receive a variety of energy saving tips.

Posters were placed throughout the building and email communication was sent out to all staff members inviting them to the lobby for interactive games and free promotional items, including lightbulb shaped cookies, smoothies, draws, and LED lightbulbs.

The event was a success, with hundreds of employees in attendance.

Photo: Investors Group Team

By being involved in events such Manitoba Race to Reduce, the Green Committee helps to motivate not only their own employees, but other businesses and individuals in the community. The power of numbers can be a catalyst to make sustainable actions go mainstream.

To learn more about Investors Group participation and their keys to success in the Race, check out their case study on the Manitoba Race to Reduce website.

Good luck Investors Group!

Starting a Race Team

Did You Know?

Establishing a Race Team is one of the most beneficial strategies for your building to successfully compete in Manitoba Race to Reduce.

Similar to a Green Committee, a Race Team is a group of individuals within a building who are committed to advancing energy efficiency efforts and promoting Manitoba Race to Reduce.

Race Team members will work together to:

  1. Identify opportunities and strategies to improve energy efficiency within your building.
  2. Educate and motivate building occupants to use energy more efficiently.
  3. Implement Race Kit recommendations that are relevant to your building.
  4. Raise awareness about your building’s participation in Manitoba Race to Reduce.

If you’re interested in starting a Race Team within your organization, we are available to help!

Manitoba Race to Reduce can host an information session to help you establish a Race Team. We’ll introduce participants to the Race and show staff how to access tons of sustainability resources to help your building and tenants achieve their energy efficiency goals.

Use our Race Kit to help you get started today!

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MBR2R Leadership Advisory Council and Working Groups

Thank you to our Leadership Advisory Council and Working Group Members for volunteering their time to make Manitoba Race to Reduce possible!

See the Leadership Advisory Council and Working Groups to learn about our current members.

If you’re interested in joining one of our working groups, please contact us!

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