About Manitoba Race to Reduce

Join the corporate challenge to improve energy efficiency by reducing consumption in commercial buildings throughout Manitoba.

Manitoba Race to Reduce is a unique energy reduction challenge that involves collaboration between commercial building landlords and tenants to encourage smart energy use. The program provides a plan of action, a tool kit of technical advice and relevant case study intelligence to help organizations increase awareness of their energy use; measure and monitor their energy use; and change the way they operate equipment to increase energy efficiency. The objective is to reduce participants’ energy consumption by 10% over four years. Manitoba Race to Reduce is…
  • A four-year challenge aimed at reducing total energy use by 10% in participating buildings
  • Open to all landlords and tenants of commercial buildings across Manitoba
  • Working together to achieve economic and environmental benefits
  • Free to join and simple to manage with resources and support from experts
  • A challenge that rewards participants with annual awards celebrating successes of landlords and tenants

Program Scope & Significance

Manitoba Race to Reduce encourages behavioural changes and positive team building amongst landlords, tenants and their employees. Manitoba Race to Reduce provides a plan of action and tool kit of technical advice to guide organizations in:
  • increasing awareness of their buildings’ energy use
  • measuring and monitoring energy use
  • changing the operation of equipment to reduce energy use and increase energy efficiency.

Manitoba Race to Reduce Guiding Principles

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Manitoba Race to Reduce is modeled after Race to Reduce, launched in Toronto by CivicAction in 2011. To learn more visit civicaction.ca.